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The end?

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

I started this website, Lo de allá, four months ago because I thought it would be useful for leftists and progressives in the United States to have access to translations of Spanish-, French- and Portuguese-language journalism from Latin America. Clearly there was already plenty of good informed and intelligent writing in English about the peoples to our south. But there are inevitably differences of perspective and different priorities and people in this country could only profit by more awareness of those differences. Some events considered important in Latin America, for instance, are simply not covered in the United States, by the mainstream press or by progressives.

All told, I think I’ve done pretty well. I’ve posted 110 articles from 17 countries on a range of important topics, in what I believe were accurate and, for the most part, readable translations.

The problem is isolation. To judge by the statistics, people seem to be reading what I post. But I hardly ever hear from anybody about the articles and almost never in any substantive way. It’s a little like writing for myself, which I have no interest in doing. I’ve decided to take some time off to think about whether I want to continue this website.

In the meantime, I urge you to let me know what you think. Do you read the articles on this site regularly? Do you find them interesting?  Are they useful to you?  Would you miss the site if it were gone? Can you think of ways it might be improved? Or ways readers might be persuaded to participate?

Please feel free to use the comment section below or e-mail me:

Thank you for reading this far.

David Holmes Morris