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Dominican National Police charged again with abuse

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


((José Polanco Gómez – Listín Diario photo))

[Translations of three articles, from Noticias SIN for March 10, from Listín Diario for March 1, 2012, and from Diario Digital for March 10. See originals here, here and here and related articles here and here.  See related Amnesty International documents here and here.]

Human rights organizations back Amnesty International report on police violence

By Yudelki Guerrero

Human Rights Commissioner Domingo Porfirio Rojas Nina has backed a report by Amnesty International which stresses alarming violations of the rights of citizens of the Dominican Republic, stating that it is indisputable and true.

He stated that there is a sector, which he did not identify, that does not want the country to move forward in human rights matters. (more…)

Chile: New outbreaks of police violence in Aysén

Saturday, February 25th, 2012


((El Clarín photo))

[Translation of an article from El Clarín for Feburary 24, 2012. See original here and related article here. Aysén, in southern Chile, is one of the 15 administrative subdivisions, or regions, into which Chile is divided. Each region is headed by an intendant appointed by the president. Regions are further divided into provinces, of which there are 54, which are headed by governors, also appointed by the president. Puerto Aysén, the site of recent demonstrations, is a city in the region of Aysén. The sparsely inhabited region is physically isolated from the rest of the country, making the cost of living high and resulting in neglect by the national government and poorly developed infrastructure. Plans to build hydroelectric plants and transmission lines in the pristine region have in recent times met determined opposition from environmentalists and residents of the area.]

New confrontations were seen Wednesday evening at the  Ibáñez bridge in [Puerto] Aysén, where demonstrators are demanding better living conditions in the region. The confrontations are in addition to barricades set up by people in several other towns in favor of the demands of the citizen movement. (more…)

Haiti: Judge dismisses charges of crimes against humanity against Jean Claude Duvalier

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

((Michel Martelly, Jean Claude Duvalier))

Lesser charges of corruption remain

[Translation of an article by Agence Haïtienne de Presse for January 31. See original here.]

Port-au-Prince, January 30, 2012 – Carves Jean, the examining magistrate in charge of the case of former dictator Jean Claude Duvalier, has sent to the Port au Prince prosecutor’s office an order of closure in the Duvalier case, “sending the former president for life” to the criminal court on charges of corruption and misappropriation of public funds.

Besides the cases of corruption and misappropriation of public funds, Baby Doc is accused above all of crimes against humanity and violations of human rights committed during his regime.

Judge Carves Jean acknowledges handing down the ruling in the name of the republic, about which he chose not to comment, after hearing testimony from some 30 persons, he said. (more…)

Amnesty International finds sexual violence to be a serious problem in Nicaragua

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

((Women demonstrate in Managua — Confidencial photo))

AI expresses concern over criminalization of therapeutic abortion, regrets Ortega’s refusal to meet with them

[Translation of an article from Confidencial of Managua for July 29, 2011, based on a dispatch from the Spanish news agency Efe. See original here and related article here.]

Managua – Amnesty International warned today in Nicaragua that sexual violence against women and girls is a “very serious problem” in the country and criticized the state’s response to such cases, which it characterized as “limited” and sometimes “disheartening.”

The Amnesty International mission, which on Friday concluded its five-day visit to Nicaragua without meeting with President Daniel Ortega, also expressed “grave concern” over the criminalization of therapeutic abortion. (more…)