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Power, and Barrick Gold, corrupt: they take the gold and leave the cyanide

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

gold_barrick[Translation of an article from El Clarín of Santiago, Chile, for August 25, 2014. See original here and go here for more information.]

By Alicia Gariazzo

Eighty percent of the gold produced in the world is for jewelry. Supplying the gold for a wedding ring takes 18 tons of earth and leaves 12 cubic meters of waste. The low-grade mineral that is dug up is sprayed with a solution of cyanide, which releases tiny particles of gold as it lixiviates, or filters through. The waste cyanide is carried away in water through pipes to the tailings dams. The dams are left uncovered so the cyanide can disintegrate and the water can evaporate. Close to 100 toxic chemicals and heavy metals are released as the cyanide breaks down.

They remain intact after the process and they cannot be removed from an area several kilometers in diameter. One teaspoon of a two-percent solution can kill an adult. The method of lixiviation, banned in Canada and throughout the industrialized world, requires 180 tons of cyanide a month, which, since it is imported, has to be transported over land from the ports of entry. Another method, used less often, is amalgamation based on mercury. Modern dentistry now prohibits the use of the amalgam in teeth because of the secondary effect the mercury produces, even in small quantities. (more…)

Dominican Republic: The struggle against Barrick Gold

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

[Translations of two articles, from Listín Diario for July 1 and for July 4, 2014, respectively. See originals here and here and related articles here, here, here and here. Dating from 1505, Cotuí is one of the first towns in the Americans to be established by the Spaniards, who exploited its rich deposits of gold for several centuries.]

Dominican Republic: Protests against Barrick Gold will continue

Residents of Cotuí complain of mine’s negative impact

By Lilian Tejeda

Residents of Cotuí, the capital of the province of Sánchez Ramírez, will continue their struggle next Monday against alleged abuses by the multinational mining company Barrick Gold, which in the five years since it was established in the country, they say, has left only a trail of disasters.

“You can’t live there, it is a disaster zone. There is no potable water, everything is contaminated, the animals are dying. Despite its being one of the richest provinces, right now it is the poorest,” said Miguel D’Oleo, president of the Confederación Nacional de Familias sin Casa y sin Tierra (National Confederation of Homeless and Landless Families). (more…)

Dominican Government signs agreement with Barrick Gold

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

State will receive 51.3% of profits from Pueblo Viejo mine

[Translation of an article from Listín Diario of Santo Domingo for September 6, 2013. See original here and related articles here and here.]

by Adriana Peguero

The government and the Barrick Gold mining company reached an agreement yesterday by which the Dominican state will receive revenue of around US$11.615 billion during the life of the project, assuming an average price of US$1,600 per ounce of gold.

The agreement was announced during an act in the Green Room of the National Palace by the minister of the presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, who stated that the contract signed by Barrick Gold [Pueblo Viejo affiliate] president Manuel Rocha will be sent to the national congress in the next few days for approval. (more…)

Dominican Republic: Public hearings threatened in Barrick Gold case

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Chamber of Deputies president says Treasury Committee will seek advise from Ecuador

[Translation of an article from Listín Diario of Santo Domingo for March 25, 2013.  See original here and related article here.]

By Ramón Pérez Reyes

Chamber of Deputies President Abel Martínez has announced that once Holy Week is over, if there have been no significant advances in the negotiations between President Danilo Medina and executives of the Barrick Gold mining company, the lower chamber will hold public hearings in the National Assembly hall.

He said the object is to hear all sectors of the nation who have concerns, suggestions and opinions about the contract covering exploitation of the mine in Pueblo Viejo, Cotuí

Meanwhile, Senator Félix Nova said senators are awaiting only the president’s decision before taking action against the mining company. (more…)

Dominicans rebel against Barrick gold

Monday, March 11th, 2013

[Translations of four articles from the Dominican Republic on challenges to the terms of a contract between the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold and the Dominican government covering operation of the Barrick mine at Pueblo Viejo.  See related articles here, here and here.  The mine, one of the oldest gold mines in the Americas, is in the Cibao region of the country, on a belt of mineral-rich and fertile land stretching from northwestern Haiti, site of another recent conflict over gold and copper mining operations.  For more on the Haitian conflict, go here.]

President Danilo Medina calls Barrick Gold contract “simply unacceptable”

[From Despertar Dominicano of Santo Domingo for February 27, 2013. See original here.]

Santo Domingo – President Danilo Medina has described as “unacceptable” the portions of benefits divided between the Barrick Gold mining company and the Dominican state.

At the same time, the president announced that his administration will direct efforts toward a renegotiation of the contract.

He warned that if the fiscal terms of the contract are not modified by mutual agreement in the next few years, Barrick will keep practically everything and the people will be left with nothing.

“Dominican men and women, I, Danilo Medina, assure you that that will not happen,” he declared.


Chile: Barrick Gold mine threatens water supply

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

((Pascua Lama – El Mostrador photo))

The Cerro Casale mine, the next Pascua Lama

[Translation of an article from El Mostrador of Santiago, Chile, for April 9, 2012. See original here. Like the Cerro Casale project, Pascua Lama is an open-pit gold, silver and copper mine being developed by Barrick Gold of Canada. High in the Andes, on the border between Chile and Argentina, it has sparked considerable protest, in part because of its proximity to glaciers.]

by Alejandra Carmona

Rosa Ahumada says everything was different at one time. That at least the first 35 of her 46 years were different.

“I know a farmer who had an 80-meter well to water his vegetables, but it went dry. He had lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. He used to plant more than 50 hectares. Now he has only enough for 18,” says Rosa as she rushes through the story because, she warns, this is only one of the stories that burden a region that is going dry. (more…)

Dominican National Police: A deadly tradition

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

by David Holmes Morris

Despite a national and international outcry, the Dominican National Police are continuing their tradition of violent repression of dissidents at a time when protests are becoming more common across the country. Some recent incidents in El Cibao, the agricultural and mining region in the north, have resulted in the arrests of many demonstrators, a number of injuries by tear gas and gunshot, and one death.

((Diario Libre photo))

A delegation from Amnesty International met with the Distrito Nacional prosecuting attorney as recently as early October seeking information on the large number of deaths of citizens at the hands of the National Police throughout the country and in the capital in particular. At least 226 unlawful killings by the police occurred in the country between January and August of 2009.  Thirty percent of the homicides in the Distrito Nacional during the same period were reportedly committed by the police.

In the most dramatic recent incident in El Cibao, a university student taking part in protests on October 12 against government neglect of poor neighborhoods in the area of Santiago de los Caballeros, the country’s second largest city, was shot to death when police fired into the crowd of demonstrators, and at least four others were injured. The demonstrators were demanding that roads be paved and reliable water and electrical power be provided. (more…)

Dominican Republic: Worker protests continue at Barrick Gold mine

Friday, August 27th, 2010

[Translations of two articles from Listín Diario of Santo Domingo for August 26. The Canadian company Barrick Gold, the largest gold mining company in the world, with operations in a number of countries, is, since 2007, the majority owner of the oldest European gold mining operation in the Americas, near Cotuí, in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic, which Spaniards began exploiting in 1505. The operation has been the target of determined protests by miners, area farmers and their supporters as well as environmentalists. See also “Barrick Gold mine workers begin protest” posted here on June 9.]

Barrick Gold workers strike for wages due

By Andrés Vásquez

Pueblo Viejo, Cotuí – Workers injured by birdshot, burning tires, trees overturned and traffic at a standstill were the results of protests by employees of the Barrick Gold mining enterprise demanding payment in full of wages to dismissed fellow workers.

During the protests Apolinar Reinoso, Rafael Antonio Ramírez and Serafín Felipe de los Santos were injured with birdshot to several parts of their bodies fired by Cotuí police officers trying to restore vehicular traffic to the mine and to Santo Domingo via Cotuí. (more…)

Dominican Republic: Barrick Gold mine workers begin protest

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

[Translation of an article from Listín Diario of Santo Domingo for June 8. The oldest European gold mine in the Americas, first worked by Spaniards in 1505, in Pueblo Viejo, outside Cotuí, 100 kilometers northeast of Santo Domingo, was reopened in 2007 by the Canadian multinational Barrick Gold, which controls 60 percent of the operation, the other 40 percent being owned by another Canadian company, Goldcorp. The operation has been the target of considerable protest by environmentalists and others, including rice farmers, who charge that pollution of the water supply makes farming in the area impossible. Some 3,000 Dominicans demonstrated against the mining operation in April, including a group of youths who marched 100 kilometers from the capital.]

By Andrés Vásquez

Pueblo Viejo, Cotuí — Hundreds of employees of the Barrick Gold mining company are making several demands, including overtime pay, salary increases and  medical insurance,  among others.

The protests began yesterday afternoon and today, when the company failed to provide the workers with transportation to the work site, the employees arrived on foot and in private vehicles to gather at the entrance, where they also demanded that the company improve food services… (more…)