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Mexico and Chile normalize relations with Honduras

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

[Translation of an article from Excelsior of Mexico City for July 31, 2010.]

Tegucigalpa, July 31 – The government of Honduras today celebrated the re-establishment

Mario Canahuati and Hillary Clinton

of diplomatic relations with Mexico, broken as a result of the coup d’état against then-President Manuel Zelaya on June 28, 2009.

“We have to feel glad, happy, very happy,” Honduran foreign minister Mario Canahuati told reporters as he confirmed that the Mexican government had announced today the decision to normalize relations with Honduras, whose government is headed by Porfirio Lobo.

The government of Mexico stated today that it had instructed its ambassador to Honduras to return to Tegucigalpa early next week.

The government of Chile, which had also suspended relations with Honduras, announced a similar move yesterday, which Lobo described simply as “very positive” for the good relations that have existed with the people and the government of Chile. (more…)