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Haiti: Former soldiers arrested after Flag Day march

Monday, May 21st, 2012

[Translations of two articles from AlterPresse Haïti for May 18 and 20, 2012. See originals here and here and related articles here, here, and here.]

Former soldiers march on flag day

Port au Prince, May 18 – More than a hundred people dressed in military fatigues claiming to be former members of the disbanded army marched in Port au Prince on May 18, the 209th anniversary of the Haitian flag, AlterPresse has learned.

With no announcement of their plans, the marchers, some of them armed, marched from Carrefour, at the southern edge of the capital, toward the center of Port au Prince.

“It is my heart that brings me here today, that is, the constitution of the country,” Serge Jean Guerrier, who claims he was part of the army disbanded in 1995, told AlterPresse. (more…)

Haiti: National police, international community hold meeting on disbanded army

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Former soldiers had marched on parliament

[Translation of an article from Agence Haïtienne de Presse for April 20, 2012. See original here and related articles here and here.]

Port-au-Prince, April 20 – A meeting was held Thursday evening between representatives of the Conseil Supérieur de la Police Nationale (CSPN) and the international community, 48 hours after the incursion into the parliament, then in full session, by a group of dozens of armed individuals in military fatigues at a time when the legislators were forming a committee to study the case of Laurent Lamothe, nominated as prime minister.

Without supplying details, the minister of justice, as well as the spokesman for MINUSTAH (United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti), have confirmed the meeting was held. Minister Pierre-Michel Brunache stated in a telephone conversation with Radio Solidarité that nothing concrete had come from the meeting. (more…)