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Floods leave Haitians stranded on the Peruvian-Brazilian border

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

[Translation of an article by the Spanish news agency Efe as published on February 17, 2012, by the Dominican web site Noticias Sin. See original here and related articles here, here, here and here.]

Lima, Perú – The 274 Haitian immigrants stranded in the Peruvian town of Iñapari find themselves among the victims of recent flooding in the area as they try to cross the border illegally into Brazil.

As the local parish priest, René Salízar, told Efe in a telephone conversation on Fiday, the Haitians arrived in Iñapari, in the southeast of the country, after following a route they consider the most economical, with the least migratory procedures to go through to get into Brazil.

The immigrants were evacuated to a college on high ground after spending more than a month in the Iñapari parish church. (more…)