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Haiti: Former soldiers arrested after Flag Day march

Monday, May 21st, 2012

[Translations of two articles from AlterPresse Haïti for May 18 and 20, 2012. See originals here and here and related articles here, here, and here.]

Former soldiers march on flag day

Port au Prince, May 18 – More than a hundred people dressed in military fatigues claiming to be former members of the disbanded army marched in Port au Prince on May 18, the 209th anniversary of the Haitian flag, AlterPresse has learned.

With no announcement of their plans, the marchers, some of them armed, marched from Carrefour, at the southern edge of the capital, toward the center of Port au Prince.

“It is my heart that brings me here today, that is, the constitution of the country,” Serge Jean Guerrier, who claims he was part of the army disbanded in 1995, told AlterPresse. (more…)

Haiti: Disbanded soldiers vow to fight until victory

Monday, March 26th, 2012


((Haiti Press Network photo))

[Translation of an article from Le Matin for March 23. See original here and related article here.]

Secretary of State for Public Security Réginald Delva has ordered the former soldiers to go home. According to the minister, drastic measures are being taken to promote a climate of security in the country. Therefore, a set of arrangements against them has already been planned. Among others, they have already been formally prohibited from moving about on the streets in uniform. They have also been ordered to leave the occupied spaces quickly.

But these armed men have so far shown no inclination to obey. The are still occupying the Lamentin 54 camp [in Ouest province]. Instead of submitting to the government orders, they are rather asking President Martelly to fulfill his promises. (more…)