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Dominican National Police charged again with abuse

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


((José Polanco Gómez - Listín Diario photo))

[Translations of three articles, from Noticias SIN for March 10, from Listín Diario for March 1 and from Diario Digital for March 10. See originals here, here and here and related articles here and here.  See related Amnesty International documents here and here.]

Human rights organizations back Amnesty International report on police violence

By Yudelki Guerrero

Human Rights Commissioner Domingo Porfirio Rojas Nina has backed a report by Amnesty International which stresses alarming violations of the rights of citizens of the Dominican Republic, stating that it is indisputable and true.

He stated that there is a sector, which he did not identify, that does not want the country to move forward in human rights matters. (more…)