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Dominican National Police charged again with abuse

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


((José Polanco Gómez – Listín Diario photo))

[Translations of three articles, from Noticias SIN for March 10, from Listín Diario for March 1, 2012, and from Diario Digital for March 10. See originals here, here and here and related articles here and here.  See related Amnesty International documents here and here.]

Human rights organizations back Amnesty International report on police violence

By Yudelki Guerrero

Human Rights Commissioner Domingo Porfirio Rojas Nina has backed a report by Amnesty International which stresses alarming violations of the rights of citizens of the Dominican Republic, stating that it is indisputable and true.

He stated that there is a sector, which he did not identify, that does not want the country to move forward in human rights matters. (more…)